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EDEN 11:11

Sound Healing

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Sound Healing
The Mystery
Sounds are the origins of our primal beginnings. Creation begins with the bear bones of thought and sounds. Sound is an Ayatana. Part of the Sense Sphere that needs to be guarded and valued. For what you hear you absorb, what you absorb you become. Make sure what you ingest sound waves that are delightful and wholesome. Like the chirping of birds in the morning, the crashing of ocean waves, sounds of ohm, the songs of nature from a diva, and as little to no gossip as possible. 


Tuning Forks
Steel Tongue Drum
Sound Bowl


The Chakras and Frequency
Each Chakra corresponds to a beej mantra and musical note (frequency). During sound healing we will explore through your ears which chakras are most impacted by these frequencies and sounds. It will be easy to tell by how your body responds and your energy speaks. It is an abstract experience.


Release and Be Free
Whenever you focus on your energy intensely for any amount of time you will be transformed. Having the assistance of Sound is incredibly releasing of toxins that you didn't even know existed. When using tuning forks there will parts of the sound you are capable of hearing with your ears and then there will be frequency that still goes on to impact your energetic field but still has a powerfully subtle moving effect on your transformation. You will feel lighter, you may release emotions that have been jammed inside, this release could go on for a few days, along with a bit of peaceful tired-ness. 

In person or over zoom. You would have to put in headphones, and be capable of being in a quiet environment for the duration of the session. The 30 Minute session includes an audio recording of your sound healing. 
15 Minutes
30 Minutes