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EDEN 11:11

Soul Sessions

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Tarot is divination but divination doesn't necessarily have to be tarot. During our session all we will consult with the divine as what is for your best and highest good. The Tarot is just a tool that is used to confirm what spirit has already been saying. 

Just Bring Yourself
The signature of your soul is of utmost importance in these readings. If you are in the process of liberating yourself, connecting with your higher self and resourcing your intuition sign up for reading today and you will be inspired! 

Get Prepared
Clear your mind by taking cleansing breathes, taking a cleansing bath, and then write out your questions. You can ask these questions out loud during your session or you can ask Spirit to answer your questions through the session. Get prepared for Spirit to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 


Speaking to The Dead
I used to offer mediumship exclusively and now I allow who ever wants to show up to come forward naturally. That seems to be what works best for my particular connection to spirit. I don't force it, I don't pretend, and I will tell you exactly what your relationship is to your Ancestors and what can be done to create better connections if need be. 


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