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EDEN 11:11

Mother of Magnolia - Powdered Incense - Self-Ignited

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Ayatana - Sensory Portal - Gate of Power
Nose Base + Odor


We experience life through our senses. Our senses are to be safe-guarded because it is through the quality of what our senses absorb that we ascend and descend. Through these high quality powered incense you will enter into the sphere of your nose base + odor. The odors that will be entering into your olfactory system are divine, gentle, medicinal, and non-violent. There are no harmful additives, artificial fragrance oils, or preservatives that may be found in many industrialized incense. All incense from EDEN 11:11 are handmade in small batches by a Feminine Shaman in service to humanity with compassion for your Trauma/Soul Retrieval, Psycho-somatic awakening process. Sometimes things can get heavy, the fragrance within each incense story will assist in titrate from light to dark, from discomfort to comfort, and will allow you stay in a state of blissful healing practice as you journey on to your divine True SELF. 

The Grounds of Your Temple - For the Scent Stories behind the incense click here . . .

Awakening Process - Compassion, Comfort, Love, Acceptance, The Divine Mother, The Divine Feminine 
Mother Magnolia
The Goddesses are in the properties of each ingredient. Its her wild instinctual nature that makes the unknown so fantastic. Through intimidation many souls have suffered lifetime after lifetime without connect to their strongest ally. The Divine Mother is within every emotions and every motion within the ocean and seas calls for expression. This special blend allows you go into the space with the calm of a mother by your side and confident unconditional positive regard. 


Key Ingredients: Secret Ancient recipe base of woods, resins, and gums. Main Ingredients: Magnolia, Lemon-Grass, Sage, + more!
Astrological Properties: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Sun
Elemental Properties: Fire, Earth,Air, Water


Design Details
Each graphic was designed to represent a part of the experience if you were to meditate on what the sense sphere of your nose base would like to communicate to you though each scent story. The metallic pink cap is colorfully inviting. The text and font are simple and elegant. This is our first line of incense and each part of the process was an exercise in the relationship we all have with presence. Each part of the story knew what was best for next step. Trust. Each incense is ground some are finely ground others are medium to fine. The sticker on the cap is mandala that represents the energies within each incense. 

2.3" x 1.9"

Fill Weight
2 oz / all herbs, roots, flowers, resins, woods, and spices do not weigh the same.