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EDEN 11:11

Medicine Bag Subscription

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Medicine Bags carry the medicine of symbols, herbs, alchemy, affirmations, healing for the person wearing it. The contents of the bag are sacred, private, ritualistic, and magical. Bringing Charm, Good Luck, and Healing to the wearer of the bag. The bag can be worn under the clothes or kept in sacred space. 

There will be four Seasonal Medicine Bags a year. That may include The Essentials (bubble bath, bath bombs, candles, Auric Vibez Spray, and Salves), Incense, Trauma Balm, Perfumes, Scarves, Journals, Stationary and Prayers. All will be curated according to the Seasons and Moon Phases. These products will be a part of the old lines and usher in new products. This will include samples, mini-sizes and full sizes. The Next Medicine Bag will be in sent out during the Spring Equinox. 

March 20, 2022

Magical Properties
All items are handmade with love and Come from the connections of Mother Earth, Father Sky, The Ancestor Realms, The Dance of the Cosmos, As Above So Below, the integration between the light and dark in communication with the herbal, floral, fairy, and creative kingdoms that generously bring forth their medicine just for you like only they know how.

The Bag
Is handmade of African Mudcloth baked in the Sun with Primitive symbols of protection of Ancestral Rootedness. Hand Sewn by the Ankara women of Atlanta. A Business developed by Miss Doris who had a vision to teach refugee women to sew so that they will never go hungry as they rebuild their lives one thread at a time. 

Themes of Spring

  • New Beginnings
  • Growth
  • The Angel 1 Vehuiah
  • Flowers in Bloom
  • Coming into the Light
  • Success
  • Release of Darkness
  • Indian Summer
  • Showing Some Skin
  • Prom Season
  • Birds Singing
  • Sun Kissed on The Skin
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Joy
  • Vata Dosha
  • Butterfly
  • Hochmah/Allatu
  • Wisdom and Unity
  • Excitement
  • Ishtar
  • Peresophone