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EDEN 11:11

Consultation for Spiritual Counseling & Trauma Healing

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A consultation is required for trauma healing & spiritual counseling services. Cick above to book your consultation. $25 will be given back to you in a coupon to put towards our session together.

Trauma Healing/Soul Retrieval is an ancient modality that reconnects you with fragmented parts of the soul. The effects are long lasting and often permanent changes that seem magical and would otherwise be impossible. One of the most important side-effects is the removal of stress. Why is stress removal so important? Because stress alters brain chemistry causing major symptoms of imbalance the alter the self-image and life path drastically. Sign up for a consultation today! Fill Out this release form to get started.

Release Form for 1st time Spiritual Counseling, Astrology, & Reiki clients

Spiritual Counseling includes Trauma Healing, an Astrology Session, Reiki, and a Soul Session to give a full service deep energy cleansing. You will leave the session with depth self-knowing and spiritual satisfaction as all your blind spots are uncovered to be seen felt and heard by you from your spirit team. This session will also help you understand your spiritual path on the planet, why you are here, what karma you are here to work through, and how to get through all your blockages to move on toward your highest and best good.