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EDEN 11:11

Auric Vibez - Smudge Spray

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There Are Levels To This
Beginners: Smudge Spray - Black Seed, Bamboo, St. Johns Wort, 
Intermediate: Relax The Mind - Frankincense, Lemon Balm, Clove
Advanced: The Path of Beauty - Ylang Ylang, Rose, Honey Suckle

The Smudge Spray is for the Beginner in you that picks up on Vibez that may or may not belong to you. You may not always be capable of taking a Spiritual Bath. But you can lightly Baptize your Auric Field while being discreet. Shake off the cobwebs.

Relax the Mind is for Intermediate usage. For those who are aware that they are aware. The mind may get in the way of creating the beauty that they so desire and deserve and needs to relax and allow.

The Path of Beauty is for the Advanced initiates because it takes discipline, skill, focus, self-love, and self-understanding to choose beauty. Beauty is natural, yet not promised. When you choose The Path of Beauty empower your Self. For the highest and best good of the ALL you know you are responsible for your personal Auric Vibe and that's how you guarantee your path is beautiful.

Key Ingredients
The blends for each Auric Vibez Spray are alchemically selected from our personal shamanic cabinets of Essential Oils and Tinctures and made in small batches

Design Details
Nude and Black for the essentials of your everyday Auric Vibez. Educational and planetary properties along with delicate symbols placed there and about. 

Material: Glass
Bottle: L 5.74" Diameter: .87"
Scarf for Furoshiki: Use a 16x16 Aya Bellene Collection Scarf as your box and participate in sustaining Mother Earth.


Fill Weight
1 oz (30ml)