Learn The Ancient Modality of Trauma Healing using Aya's Trigger Happy Methodology

Aya comes from a long lineage of Shamans, Witch Doctors, and Medicine Peoples sent here to this realm to learn from the light and darkness. She is dedicated to assisting the collective of healing healers become professionals in the health/wealthness field dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skill of those in our field and the well-being of our community.

Aya established herself as a premier trauma healer in the community of health/wellness with proven results. Aya Bellene Inc. has grown a reputable company offering Astrology, Soul Session, Reiki and Trauma Healing.
We are honored to collaborate with incredible healers, students, and teachers who are at various stages in their processes of healing and learning. 
Sign up to learn how Trauma Healing is utilized through the Trigger Happy Method to relieve the symptoms of PTSD and C-PTSD.
  • Relieve Stress
  • Dissolve Defense Mechanisms
  • Integrate Fragments
  • Return Home To the Body
  • Regulation of the Nervous System
  • Re-negotiate your Relationship with Daily Habits
  • Learn to do what you want to do instead doing what you don't want to do and avoiding arousal
  • Learn to tolerate arousal in the nervous system like feelings of love and connection

While you are learning the Trigger Happy Method you will also be receiving Trauma Healing. Your nervous system as to be at rest in order to assist others in their processing. A great Trauma Therapist can handle the different stages of Arousal. Which you will learn during your courses. 

There are three stages of courses. It section takes 3 months. This Certification takes 9 - 10 months to complete.