We are no-doubt egoic energetic beings that have the right to our primitive soul needs. A lot of healing is often centered around learning & re-learning to not be ashamed and judgemental of our natural sensational promptings to being alive in a body. We cyclically learn to have compassion for ourselves until we arrive as friends with the inner beast. Actually, before you can focus on higher spiritual principles your root chakra needs are of utmost importance. Because who cares about karma when your stomach is growling.

We at EDEN 11:11 are by your side at the Grounds of your Temple practicing, chanting, self-actualizing, becoming present in love. We are in this healing process together. As you are learning more about your processing you may need assistance like our Trauma Healing, Astrology, Reiki, and Spiritual Counseling Services. As you awaken to your true SELF you may experience symptoms that are uncomfortable, so, we offer you our products like our AYA Balm, Ministering Flower Essences, Ministering Tinctures, Essentials for Rituals, Incense, Scarves, & Perfumes. Creating a Synergy of Beauty as you heal, grow, and integrate.

All of this and more for your Ayatana. Your Ayatana is your sense sphere, the portal in which you experience life. The buddhist monks say your should guard your Ayatana as sacred. Your eyes/sight, nose/smell, mind/thoughts, skin/touch, tongue/taste, ears/sound. What you allow into your Ayatana creates your inner constitution and your outer condition will take shape accordingly.

This combination is what we would call your spiritual practice and for those who would like to join us on this non-linear journey we welcome you to our workshops and academy. Become part of the EDEN 11:11 family. Our goal is to allow GOD/GODDESS to express itself in the fullness of aliveness through our individual longing to BE HERE. We are all learning to present in the savory experience of every drop in surrender to the ALL that IS!