A Scent Story - The Church of Autumn

With a few drops of water you can make up to 12 – 14 cones depending how big or small you make your cones. Or you can burn on top of charcoal or in a sand trail. Instructions come with package. When used as powder it can last 1 month to a few months depending upon usage.

Out of all the incense I have made and passed out to clients and soul tribe members this is the one that has gotten the most resounding emotional applause. I actually got the name from the description and the depth of soul that people express from experiencing this incense. Although, whichever incense I am working with at the time is my favorite, I will admit that when I made this I thought I had found something very special in a scent. One soul tribe member said that before she even opened the package she began to cry and it reminded her of Autumn as she began to experience the journey that this incense took her on. The scent inspired her to use the time period of Autumn to heal herself. A soul tribe members roommate who doesn’t even like incense passed by her room as she was working with this scent and said it reminded them of church. What a glorious response!

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