What kind of Sense Does that Make? - What is The Ayatana? And What does it have to do with me?

What kind of Sense Does that Make? - What is The Ayatana? And What does it have to do with me?

Here at EDEN 11:11 we stand on the principle that your spiritual practice is what makes you happy. Meaning that there is no outside source that is going to come and keep you a at a certain frequency on a daily basis, be disciplined for you and do your inner and out work, make sure you participate in your hobbies and have fun, and keep up a relationship with the CREATOR. Nope. Not going to ever happen in a million years. That will always and forever be your job. For those of us who have experienced the kind of childhood trauma where we consistently felt as though we weren't enough and also felt as though our needs were a burden, re-parenting and healing can be a daunting task. 

I'm here to give you insight and encouragement from my personal experiences. I have experienced those very things in my childhood. When you feel like you don't matter to your mother, father, siblings, and community it makes you feel iced out and alone. Which is very scary for a child. The only thing a child can do is try to fit in so that the isolation is soothed a tiny bit. When a child is forced to try to fit in pieces of the self are abandoned and shame sets in from the feeling as though one has sold out in order to be liked.

Shame is sensation that is hard to digest. Its a feeling that we as a person at our core or wrong-headed. Like we have gone against ourselves, not only are we doing something wrong, but we are wrong. No one can stay in the body with these kinds of sensations. Especially not a child. So a false self is needed and created to face the outside world. And the true self of the child becomes the shadow.

This is often a great fall from grace in a person's life. Often I meet you all at these turning points in your evolution. When you need someone to teach you how to you can possibly heal from such great pain and suffering. I am glad to be there for you and I am even prouder to teach you how to be there for yourself. I'm like a proud mama. So what I am about to explain to you is very important to me. I found that through out my process this what has made me successful or not successful. I know that there is nothing new under the sun so when the insight hit me, or some people say I got a download, I just simply looked it up. And I found that what I was doing was putting love back into my life through my senses. And doing this consistently has helped me grow up in consciousness and given me a great optimism.

What makes us feel good about ourselves is what we absorb, ingest, and are in communion with. We will associate these things as part of our identity. Often when a child is in a narcissistic family system they are told over and over again in many different ways that they are not good. They are bad and are deserving of bad treatment that creates a person who acts bad. Or acts out. What crystallizes these energies even more is the crazy-making denial of the narcissistic family of cause and effect. "Why is he/she depressed? She/He must be crazy? I don't know what possibly could be wrong him/her, " These are things that are echoed and reverberated to make the scapegoat question their reality.

When you are turning these messages around and making friends with your energies again you need a spiritual practice that supports you in feeling good about yourself. You can start by guarding your Ayatanas. Which will pour the dignity back into your life. Of course this practice would go along with purging the negativity out of your life. Because,"You can't pour new wine and old wine skins, they will burst,"says Jesus in the KJV. Some try with all their might to practice positive affirmations with no avail, or practice forgiveness without truly know what it is to feel it through your sense sphere. If we are numb, stuck, and have a stubborn energy body nothing will seem to truly get through to us. But, take heart this frustration is a part of the evolutionary process to propel you forward. Even when you want to give up you will see that you have what it takes to make through to the other side. If you are in need of Trauma Healing/Soul Retrieval dear heart, lets connect, finally. 

Ayatana is your sense sphere. Its is the portal of experience. We know we exist because of the sensations we experience through our senses. Our eyes/vision, nose/scent, ears/sound, tongue/taste, skin/feel, and mind/mental objects. If you begin to be gentle and show love to yourself through your senses you will get on and stay on the path of beauty. This is your personal garden of eden. You can experience heaven on earth if you choose experiences for yours senses that are wholesome, delightful, enlightened, and meaningful to you. This does take practice. This is why you would make it a daily spiritual practice. If you are used to junk, negativity, drama, or obsessive ways of getting high, then this would take some getting used to. You would most likely go through withdraws from your former way of absorbing energy. Here at EDEN 11:11 we assist you in lulling around your beautiful garden of eden giving you exceptional Ayatana experiences for the delight of your sensual sphere.

What are you absorbing through your eyes? What are listening with your ears? What is tonguing tasting and what mental objects are you projecting? Is what you are absorbing worthy of your true identity? What kinds of scents are you smelling? Do you take the time to find yourself and you delight in what has meaning to you on a daily basis?

In our shop we offer just the products and services for you. We value the natural beauty of nature and all of her magic and healing properties that she so willingly offers to us for your enjoyment, healing, grounding, grief, pain, soundness, or pleasure. She has it all covered. Our scents are the purest quality of herbs, resins, roots, seeds, and flowers that will create ambient experience that will lull you over. The Auric Vibez Smudge sprays ALT DELETE any negative bugs that may even think about attaching themselves to you and ruining the Vibez, and our AYA Balm is medicinal bliss, just rub a generous amount across your temple and sense how your energetic wounds release their grip of tightness that creates discomfort and wellness will again be your constitution. 

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