Mother of Magnolia

With a few drops of water you can make up to 12 – 14 cones depending how big or small you make your cones. Or you can burn on top of charcoal or in a sand trail. Instructions come with package. When used as powder it can last 1 month to a few months depending upon usage.

I live with scents for days and weeks a time. I allow “them” to express what is needed or what may complete the scent story. This scent story is special because just like the Divine Feminine the ingredients are close to to home. Creating a cultural experience. The Lemongrass in this incense is made in my own personal herb garden. There are great big Magnolia trees that grow all around me in my neighborhood. There is a particular tree I have been stalking awaiting the bloom. The scent of Magnolia Flowers is intoxicating. So, when I saw the bloom I scurried in excitement to prune a few flowers and hang then dry them to add to the family. It was a game changer to say the least. It became the main attraction.

With certain blends the alchemy can activate certain phenomenon that is the unexplainable. Upon burning my incense cone I was swept away into what I felt  we’re Angelic Mother Goddesses surrounding me. And just to be sure I woke up in the morning to spend time with the incense and them again. Everytime I lit this incense there is a loving, comforting, and healing touch of my heart. It made want to be a better person from a place of innocence. Soft tears flowed and I was moved into a space of inner love. The Divine Mother. Great for morning journaling, connecting to creativity, connecting to the heart and doing inner child work.

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